For booking one of our Spanish courses at the Academia Máximo, please fill in the booking sheet. The questionaire gives the approximate grade of your level in Spanish and helps our teachers to prepare your course
Please don’t forget to mention the type of course as well as the weekly lesson hours and duration. There is no inscription fee for the Academia Máximo. At the end of each course the students receive a certificate of participation.
  (recommended level for theme seminars: at least "avanzado")
 "principiante": (0-15 points)
  For students without any knowledge of the language or with the knowledge of some words.

 "intermedio": (16-25 points)
  For students with a limited knowledge of the language. They can have a basic conversation.

"avanzado": (26-35 points)
  For students who have quite a good knowledge of the language. They already can read basic texts and their Spanish is good enough for a small conversation. Object of this course is a fluent conversation, to improve the pronunciation and the grammar.

"superior": (36-39 points)
  For advanced students to be able to converse fluently even under difficult circumstances and to enable them to read complicated texts.

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